Sunday, December 13, 2009

Story of my FYP

Since I don't trust myself in laboratory work,I choose to proceed with the non-laboratory study for my final year project.It is an epidemiological study.The title is "Weight and Type 2 Diabetes After Bariatric Surgery:Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis".Basically my task is journals review ,then evaluate the journals whether there are any biased in the journals.My second task is combining the journals that have the same method and result becoming one journals.

Story of My Life

“Naughty girl, silly girl, chaotic and trouble-maker”, those are the words that described me since I was a kid. At first, I disagree with it, but after a few years I figured out that it became one of my characters in exploring the journey of my life. So this is the story the journey of my life as a trouble maker.

I’ve created chaotic scenes since I was in the womb. Starting from the day when I was about to be delivered, the midwife discovered that I sat in an “abnormal” position in the womb. I sat in a horizontal position which is my head was on the right and my foot was on the left side of my mother’s stomach. I have no idea how did that happened and so did everybody else. After a few hours of delay, I was safe to be born on 2nd June 1986.

When I was a kid, I like to do something that is different from other girls. I used to play in swamp, climbing trees, racing bicycle and many more. In fact, I like to do things my own way. I believe everyone my age played “masak-masak” using toys during their childhood time. But for me, I played using real things such as fires, cans and knife, which meant no toys, but don’t get me wrong ;I did not used the stove.

When I was in primary and secondary schools, the word “trouble-maker” is like synonym to me. Everywhere I go I will create trouble as fooling around became one of my hobbies. Most of the time there was always some “new and fresh” silly ideas that cross my mind. I had once boiled Coke in the electric kettle and it produced a burning smell and also not to forget, it damaged the kettle (don’t ever try this).Finally I was scolded and walloped by my mother. Ouch.

When I entered the university, those words that were given to me slowly disappeared. Maybe it is because of age; the factor that makes me think wisely (I think so) and also I had tried so many things before. However, it’s hard to forget my hobby which is fooling around and create trouble. For what I remembered, last semester during Toxicology sampling, one of my friend was stung by bees because she followed my stupid idea to sit on the fence where the bees build their nest. I felt so guilty and sorry for her.

Through my own exploration in this so-called journey of life, I’ve managed to get many kinds of injuries which sometimes required me to get stitches and cast. However, the injuries do not bother me at all as it was part of my learning process. On my own experiences (which consist of silly and stupid things), I managed to differentiate between good and bad things which makes me become a better person. Not to forget, thanks to all of the punishments that was given by my mother and teachers which made me who I am now.